Amazing Virtual 12-Person Wine Sampling

Virtual / Online Experience

Certificate valid for a Premium Virtual Wine Sampling for up to 12 people in the following states only: IL, IN, MI, FL, NC, CA, WI, MO, AZ. You will receive 6 bottles of wine including 2 premium bottles and a Wine Consultant that will guide you through 90 minutes of virtual wine education. Shipping cost for the wine box is not included and is $19.95. PRP Wine International has been providing Wine Samplings to clients since 1989. Their mission is to deliver a personal Wine Sampling Experience of fun, laughter, and culture to every home. You'll enjoy an unforgettable experience that brings the look and feel of the vineyards straight to your doorstep. This is truly something that you and your guests will enjoy as you will get to learn about and taste wines from different parts of the world that you may not find easily through other outlets! PRP values their customer’s knowledge of what they are buying. This wine sampling is a great way to understand unique wines from around the world, and have a fun experience in the process. PRP takes pride in having exclusive offerings that typically can’t be bought in stores. Many of their wines are produced in limited quantities and may not be available every year. They focus on bringing unique grapes and lesser-known wine regions to your sampling. With PRP you notice these differences as you spend time with your personal Wine Consultant discovering each wine that is being sampled. We consider the Wine Sampling Experience the best way to bring to you the taste and culture of the world’s finest vineyards. Valid within a 90-minute drive of local PRP Wine Location (check website for locations). Must be 21 years or older to participate. Void where prohibited by law. Cannot be combined with any other offer, certificate or voucher.

Valid: Choose from dates available year-round

Additional Information

ABOUT PRP PRP Wine International promotes small, family-owned vineyards from around the globe. We provide high-quality and exclusive wines by conducting educational in-home/office and virtual wine tastings. The featured tasting entitles you to a 6-bottle wine sampling (including 2 premium bottles) for up to 12 people with a personal Wine Consultant for 90 minutes done virtually. Shipping cost for the wine box is $19.95. All you need is a place to hold the tasting, a wine glass for each person, water, a “dump bucket,” pens, and a good internet connection to connect with your Wine Consultant. If you wish, you can provide cheese and crackers or light appetizers. This is a simple, fun event which lasts approximately 2 hours, but don’t worry, you can keep the wine to continue the party after the consultant ends the virtual meeting. If you and your friends fall in love with the wine, they are available to order through the Wine Consultant at the end of the tasting. All of the wines are moderately priced at an average of $20-$35 per bottle and are not found in any restaurants or stores in the US. Ordered cases will be delivered to your home within 2 weeks. If you love wine and exploring new wines and entertaining at home, this is definitely the experience for you! If you have any friends or family that are wine aficionados, these certificates make wonderful gifts as well! Celebrating over 30 years in the US, PRP offers unique wines from a unique company, and they invite you to taste the difference!
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