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Frequently Asked Questions
A golf course sent me here to get a certificate. What do I need to do?

Golf courses use TravelPledge to help them manage all of the requests that they receive from charities. Once you create a verified account by providing the basic details of your non-profit, we’ll validate your information (takes about three business days worst case), and send you your credentials to log in and get fun experiences (including golf) for promotion at your event. We'll give you all the promotional materials.

How much money can we expect to raise using your service?

Quite a bit. You'll make between 40% and 90% of the purchase price in all cases.  This percentage varies based on the type of experience that you're promoting. We're confident that your organization will benefit from the "TravelPledge Advantage".  No more old school consignment!

Donations from Vacations

Why don't I retain as big of a percentage on the big ticket experiences?

On big ticket experiences, we send half of the proceeds to the generous business owner (vacation provider, golf resort, cruise line, etc) that made the experience available for promotion by your organization.

Is there a fee to use your services? How does TravelPledge cover its costs?

To accomplish our simple goal of covering our operational costs, we retain 20% of the charitable contribution and you keep the other 80%.  Our model enables us to maximize donations because non-profits are sure to make a big portion of the winning bids (for auctions) and online purchases as well.  It should be noted that we only retain 10% when a non-profit loads their own vacation into our system.

We are very proud to have created one of the most efficient fundraising solutions for non-profits.

I know this is much better than "consignment", but show me some examples please.

Download our PDF on this topic 
(Send it to friends in the industry)

Watch our "no consignment"  video

We hear from non-profits all the time that they hate "consignment" and we can see why!  

Bottom line, you often don't get a very big donation on a "consignment" item.  As an example, a (consignment)  "Augusta Getaway" might sell for $5,000, but your charity only sees a donation of $200 (!).  While the "generous" bidder has a good time, you're not getting a big enough donation(!)

By contrast, with TravelPledge when you claim a vacation to use at your event, you know that the owner has donated either HALF or ALL of his rent to your cause.  And (even better) in the case of golf certificates, you know that the entire winning bid has been donated by the golf coursea owner.  We'll now show you an accurate "tally" of how much you'll make as you claim your items.  Try it and see!

Do we have to pay for vacations, golf, cruises, tours, lessons etc that we that don't sell at our auction?

No.  You can easily claim items (vacations, golf, lessons, etc), print promotional flyers and promote them at your next fundraiser.  There is no cost to claim items and promote them at your event.  You'll likely sell the experiences that you promote, and if so, just log in and let us know which items sold, and we'll create an invoice for you that covers our fees and any money we owe to vacation providers.   Once your invoice is paid, your supporters can enjoy their golf, vacations, lessons, (cruises, tours, dinners, and more soon)!

If you don't sell one or more of the items at your silent or live auction, don't sweat it.  Just log in and mark them "unsold" and we'll make those items available for other non-profit events.  There is no cost for this.

How can you help us with our auction events?

We provide you with an easy to use tool to find great experieces for your events.  You tell us the date of the event and let us know if you want to collect the money or you want to use our checkout system.

You can get items, print promotional flyers to display at your auction (or online) and then you simply let us know what sold or didn't sell and you'll get an invoice (or if you want us to collect the money, the winning bidders can pay right there at the event or at home after the event).

We'll be adding more and more fun experiences for use at your auction events in the months to come.


How do I edit my TravelPledge website?

Log into the non-profit administator area and you can view/ edit your non-profit details and make any changes to your photos, links, description, video, partners, etc.   When we create your account, we'll make you an administrator so you'll have full access to make these changes.

How do I set up my TravelPledge website? How long will it take?

Where else can you build a private label fundraising site in as little as 15 minutes?

All you need to do is enter information for your non-profit including photos, links, your logo, EIN number, etc.   Within a few days (typically), we'll send you a welcome email with your URL so you can log into the admin area.  In the meantime, you can browse fun experiences in our collection.

We do all the work gathering vacations and fun experieces for you, building your site and ensuring that you receive your donations. You simply promote your private label site and grab items you might need for your auction fundraisers. Simple as that.   Your TravelPledge website will become your most efficient fundraiser.

My staff is already very busy. How much time will this take?

Good news!  TravelPledge takes very little time to manage.  Here's why:

  • We have already gathered $Millions in fun experiences thatt will help your non profit.
  • We help you with easy ways to promote your TravelPledge website including  predesigned promotional flyers
  • You don't have to do any regular maintenance on your website
  • We continually roll out innovative promotional tools.
  • It's easy to get items for your fundraisers, sell them and checkout
When and how do we receive our donation(s)?

It depends on a few factors including what is purchased (vacation, golf, cruise, tour, etc) and how it is purchased.

1) At an auction fundraiser,  you can collect all the money so you have your donation immediately.  Watch our video on "charity collects" mode here.

2) At an auction fundraiser , if you want us to collect the money:  If you sell a vacation at one of your fundrasing events (silent auction for example), then the reservation is non-refundable so we can send you your portion of the rent (as defined by the property owner) shortly after the fundraising event.   In most cases, we process payments on the first of each month, so your payment will be submitted at that time. Watch video on that checkout mode here.

3) If a supporter books a vacation on your TravelPledge website, shortly after the renters' vacation(s), you'll receive a check in the mail for the amount that is due to you.  We wait to send you your payment until after the vacation, because there is a chance that the renter may need to cancel the reservation and this is allowed on reservations booked on your TravelPledge website.  Automated payments to non-profits go out shortly after the vacation. We will also provide you with detailed reports showing the name of the supporter, the amount of the donation, etc.

Note: You will not be required to send out any gift letters.

What are some best practices for non-profits?

There are many things you can do to increase the effectiveness of  your TravelPledge account and your TravelPledge website. 

Essentially, if you can get the word out to your donors, you should do very well with a TravelPledge website.  
Suggestions for promotion include:

  • Like our facebook page and post on your wall about your TravelPledge site and specific properties
  • Print or email a promotional flyer (automatically generated for you) and distribute it
  • Include TravelPledge mentions e-mails to donors, newsletters
  • Tweet about your TravelPledge fundraiser
  • Ask your donors for additional donations (optional)
Can I promote my business partners on my TravelPledge website?

Yes and we make it easy.  

When you log in, you'll see an easy option to add and promote business partners and to promote special incentives for owners and renters.

For example, if a local restaurant gives you ten free dinners for two, log in and post an offer - "free dinner for two to all vacationers that book a property (while supplies last)".  Your local business partner will be automatically promoted (their logo and information and their special offer) to all of your supporters and they will be quite pleased with the exposure. 

If we use one of your vacations at our silent auction, how do we know the owner will support our cause? Do we need to contact the owner?

No need to contact the owner.  If the property / vacation is displaying on your site (or featured at your event) then the owner has elected to let the RENTER decide where some or all of the donation goes so you know that you will get the donation.  No more need to contact owners and try to round up vacations (but you can still do that to add to the vacations on your TravelPledge website and for your charity events).

Can a vacation home owner list a property and specify that the entire donation amount goes to our charity?

Yes, in fact, if they list a property on YOUR TravelPledge site, there is no way for them to specify any charity but yours.. 100% of the donatable amount will go to your charity.  We wouldn't want one of your donors posting and benefiting another charity, so we set that in stone.   Our advice is to send out a note to vacation home owners within your donor base and ask them to post their properties (!)

Is there a contract to sign?

We have a simple one page agreement that provides details for you on all of the tools and fun experiences that we deliver and also confirms that you agree  to promote your private label TravelPledge website.   We'll build your fully functional website for free and you simply promote it!

I claimed a vacation or vacation certificate and I have a question about available dates.

We now offer 1) Vacation Certificates and 2) Vacations as defined below:
1) Vacation Certificates are typically valid for a WIDE range of dates... and the winning bidder can book by calling the vacation provider.
2) Vacations (specific dates at specific properties)- Available dates vary widely by property, and we do our best to give you (and potential bidders) an accurate view of exactly how much date flexibility exists.  Some properties have dozens of weeks available, while others might only post one week and make that available for a single charity. The property owner tells us which dates we can book.  The owner also tells us if he is donating half of the rent or donating all of the rent to your cause.
When you claim a vacation to promote at your event (and select dates),
  1. We hold those dates and don't allow any other event to claim the same vacation and we don't book it on any of our websites.
  2. There are likely other dates available, and we'll display those to you (or winning bidder) at checkout
CHECKOUT:  If the winning bidder selects other dates at checkout, the original dates are put back into our inventory (so they can be used by another event).  In any case, we'll always provide an accurate picture of what is available and give the winning bidder as much flexibility as possible at checkout.  We love happy winning bidders!

What is the relationship between Geronimo and TravelPledge?

Geronimo Solutions LLC created Geronimo Solutions to develop several platforms for non-profits and business owners.   TravelPledge is one of those platforms.

How do I make sure I get related communications?

You should follow the instructions listed by your email provider for "whitelisting" Geronimo (our national brand).  This will ensure that emails are not blocked or re-routed to your junk folder.   You can see all of the instructions for whitelisting our domain and for whitelisting specific geronimo or TravelPledge email addresses here